Tell'em Mike Sent You  is a Food Show highlighting the best food and restaurants in and around Greenwich, CT. 

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 Cold Sandwiches at Alpen Pantry.

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Tell'em Mike Sent You. 

Check out our most recent series 
Burgers and Bentleys 

 Episode 3

more episodes coming in the spring...

 Episode 2
Burger, Shakes, & Fries


 Episode 1
The Gingerman Burger
Featuring "Scheppa Sells Bentleys"

 Fried Calzone at Glenville Pizza.

 Sausage Tortellini 
at Pasta Vera.

 Duck Buns 
at Hinoki.

 Fish Tacos 
at La Taqueria.

at Scarpelli's Sausage.